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Gardening opened up a new world for me.

Gardening nurtures my soul.

Gardening got me to decompress from my fast pace Healthcare IT career.

My Story

Hi, Friends,  

Having a passion for gardening, and I love of getting my hands dirty, I started New England Home Gardens in 2020. 

This is a woman owned, hard working, business here in New England.   

2020 was a tough year for so many of us. For me it meant living through a pandemic and a family member's medical emergency.  At the advice of a great therapist, and her knowing my passion for gardening, I used therapy and gardening to cope with a lot of change in my daily life.


I grew up in New England and still live here.  My Mom would always have a flower garden that I got to weed and my Dad would have vegetable garden.  Once I moved out on my own I would have my own garden and my home garden just kept growing.  Then in 2020, I added a greenhouse and jumped into growing annual flowers from seeds.  I grew all sorts of flowers and vegetables from a tiny seed.  It just amazing me that something could grow from a tiny seed.

I grew flowers and vegetables I have never planted before.  

Then I started to attend a lot of gardening classes.  I wanted to learn as much as I could about growing flowers, planning a garden, actually growing plants from seed, and incorporating food plants into the landscape. I knew my small amount of land here in New England had a lot of potential.

Today, people are stopping by to admire my garden. I love that my garden brings people in my community cheer, love and hopefully peace. I love seeing the smile on people's face when you hand them a fresh flowers bouquet.  This type of sharing just warms my heart.

Our purpose and mission is to spread knowledge, joy and happiness to others by;

  • Teaching my community that they can grow their own food and they don't need acres of land to accomplish it.  

  • Making our community beautiful by offering custom container planters for all seasons.

  • Designing custom gardens based on our client's visions.

  • Offering cut flowers bouquets and subscriptions, that we’ve grown and nurtured, one beautiful bloom at a time.

So glad you found us!!



Questions? Looking for information - please reach out, we will be happy to assist you. 

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NE Home Gardens

New England Home Gardens

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